A e-commerce website is giving online presence to your product or services. We are working in Reaction-Commerce, Wordpress, Magento, Shopify and custom development as well. You name it and we have developers for that technology.

Reaction-Commerce Woocommerce Magento Shopify

Web Development

We are team of experienced web developers. We provide end to end services for a Web Portal. Includes API, Admin and a fantastic Website. Our objective from a site is to ensure that user can see and interact with the site in most easy and relevant way.

Angular React JS Node.js Laravel Code Igniter MySQL MongoDB

Mobile Dev

Mobile app are most important in current era. Techitree Team is well experienced in Swift, Android Studio, React-Native and Ionic.

ios Andriod Ionic Cordov React Native

Cloud & DevOps

The DevOps team of Techitree is ready to automate the process between web development and IT Teams. Cloud provider provides us Infrastructure, Platform and Services. TechiTree uses Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is a comprehensive, evolving cloud computing platform provided by Amazon.

AWS Services DevOps

Design UI/UX

UI must be Pixel Perfect and rich. User must interact them and enjoy the interaction. Same time he should feel the experience as per his need while browsing which need a proper UI and UX. We have right designers in our team who handles UI/UX well.

Website Deisgn Graphics Branding HTML/CSS/Bootstrap Jquery/Javascript Adobe Photo Suite Adobe DX Sketch Invision Zeplin Figma

Dedicated Resources

Now a days client like to have remote developers work with their team. Techitree able to provide developers in any technology you need. We are focused in React, React-native, Node, Ionic, DevOps, UI/UX, PHP, Wordpress, Magento.

React React-native Node Ionic DevOps UI/UX PHP Wordpress Magento Content Writing Digital Marketing


Developers at Techitree are no different from the rest.

We at Techitree are simply problem-solvers. Driven by the need to understand how things work, a key feature of the developer‘s toolset is reducing a thing into its smallest components. Small things are easier to understand and build. Once you have a set of components, the can be assembled back into the original thing, or into something completely new. Developers at Techitree are no different from the rest. What differentiates us are the in house 90 minutes of brain writing and brainstorming for finding possibilities and solutions for every challenge.

Expert with various leading-edge technologies.

We have team of 25+ employees in house who are expert with various leading-edge technologies so we can help to build website and application for your business.

High-level structures can help developers build large

Developers love to pull things apart and to automate tasks, both of which result in small units of code that do useful things. The next step is to arrange these into larger blocks that do new, interesting things. This is product development and a lot of the craft of software engineering is how best to compose components into a working, reliable system. You’ll hear a lot of talk about innovation: how the pieces fit together into a sensible whole. These high-level structures can help developers build large, complex systems in a manageable way.

Great developers love to learn and improve.

They are constantly honing their tools and skills. They are polyglot programmers, which mean they know a number of different programming languages and are always interested in learning new ones. They know — and have strong opinions about — a large number of frameworks and libraries. They have an insatiable appetite for new and interesting ways to think about the world. Software development is a craft, and developers take huge pride in their work. Developers at Techitree accept no less than best work.